1. At the arrive clients have to give their personal identity cards for the registration
  2. Guests must arrive before 19:00 (7 p.m.) ( If you arrive later you have to tell at the moment of reservation)
  3. The apartment must be free in 11:30 (a.m.) to be clean
  4. At the arrive guests have to pay a caution money of € 50 that will be give back at the end of the holiday s if there won't be damages into the apartments
  5. The apartment must be leave tidy and clean specially kitchen: at the end of holiday the direction will check it
  6. For one week holiday (or over) you will have to pay € 20 for the final clean
  7. For one week holiday (or over) the linen change will do at Saturday
  8. The direction decline all responsibility for objects, leave unattented in the apartments or in the open spaces of the Agriturismo
  9. Under ages are admitted only if they are with their parents or relatives